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So that people keep finding you online while you focus on your business!

Web Design

Modern & user-friendly website design that Search Engines want. Represent your business perfectly to potential clients. My process is easy and streamlined.


Search Engine Optimization means getting your brand on Page 1 of Search Engines to ensure people find your business when searching for your type of service or product.

SEO gets amazing results but takes time. Google Ads allows you to get visitors to your website now. Ideally you want both in place to maximise your exposure, leads and sales.

Which one best describes your business?

Pick one

Which one best describes your business?

Custom WordPress Websites

If you sell products…

You need an ecommerce website to increase sales 


Website looks great on all devices


Customized to your brand


Your choice of Payment Gateway (PayFast/Yoco etc.)


Integrate Courier Service


Links to your Social Media accounts


Manage inventory using free Woocommerce App

If you offer a Service…

You need a business website that generates leads (B2B or B2C)


Website looks great on all devices


Customized to your brand


Clearly display why you are the best solution


Outstanding standard features


Links to your Social Media accounts


Hands-free. We handle the web stuff for you


Search Engine ready and add-on services

SEO Case Study

How a local service business went from being nowhere on Google to being top 3 in under 12 months.

And now gets free high quality leads reaching out to them every single day.

Quality Relocations Moving Services Website Design


How an ENT Surgeon went from total frustration with his previous service provider to, after working with me, showing up on the 1st page of Google in less than 6 months.

And now gets consistent and targeted patients reaching out to him for his ENT services.

Quality Relocations Moving Services Website Design

Web Design Port Elizabeth / Gqeberha

Commonly asked questions. For questions not answered below: info@aligndesigns.co.za

I'm not in your City - can you still assist me?

Yes 95% of our clients are in other cities and countries. Mostly from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We are blessed to also have clients based in Canada and New York.

In fact, since 2015 we have physically met up with only a handful of clients. This is because everything can be done digitally saving everyone time and resources.

If you want to ‘meet’ we can gladly do a Zoom/Teams call where you can see my quirky face.

Still unsure? Go through our many 5-star reviews

Can you design my web?

Yes we design websites and also assist with helping your website show higher in Google.

We design websites for 3 types of clients…

  1. Service based companies – if you offer a service and want to effectively represent your business online then this is for you.
  2. Online stores – websites with a payment gateway. If you want to sell your products online then this is for you – see client results with our ecommerce website design.
  3. Website design for your App. We don’t build apps but if you want a modern website to showcase your app then we can assist.

We don’t do marketplace-type websites such as Amazon, Takealot, Ebay, Autotrader, etc.

Our passion will always be to help small – medium sized companies dominate on Google.

How much does a website cost?

There are 3 main costs to consider when launching a new website.

1. Hosting: This is the space upon which your website resides. Without hosting you cannot have a website. Cost can vary between R30/m – R160/m (or more) depending on the hosting provider and your website needs. NB: Make sure to select a hosting company that offers outstanding support – keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

2. Domain name: This is your .co.za needed for people to find your website online. Usually around R90 per YEAR – depending on where you buy it and the actual name of your domain.

This YouTube video I created shows you exactly how to easily setup new hosting and domain name for your business in South Africa

3. Website design: This varies in price depending on many factors. Can be as little as R3500 for a single landing page to R30000 (or more) for large ecommerce websites and all the way to R180 000 for really large ecommerce websites. It really depends on what you need and want on your business website.

Best to get a quote here.

Do you offer website "packages"?

No we don’t – for a very good reason. Every single client has different needs & wants. This is only realized during the discover phase of the process. We have a series of questions to ask you before giving a quotation. Also, our process ensures we have a 100% success rate with our clients being completely satisfied with their website – because we deeply understand what they need and want.

Let’s do this right the first time around.  Get the quote started here.

What Digital Marketing Services do you offer?

Our digital marketing services include 3 areas of focus:

  1. Website Design
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Google Ads

These 3 digital marketing services are focused on one single outcome – for your business to dominate Google in your niche.

We don’t offer traditional social media marketing (organic posting etc.) but we do offer a simple Facebook Ads strategy that works exceptionally well for our clients.

Our priority will always be to deliver the best long term results for you.

3 big reason why we are obsessed with getting amazing results with your website is this: 

  • Your website (and email list) is the only digital asset you own. The other digital mediums are definitely useful but very volatile.
  • When done correctly your website can get your business results for months/years to come at no additional cost to you (remember, when you stop social media your business gets lost amongst the noise).
  • When you do invest in social media, etc. and get great results you need a professional place to represent your business effectively. A place that has less distractions and “sells” the person on your service/product – this is your business website.

For these reasons we believe our digital marketing services offer the best investment you can make in your online marketing efforts.

I have more questions about your services

Have a look at our FAQ page.

You may also find our Tutorials section quite useful.

You are welcome to send me (Zaid) your questions and I’ll get back to you with an answer: info@aligndesigns.co.za