Search Engine Optimization

Your company website serves you best when it consistently gets found in search engines like Google – this is the goal of SEO.

Without SEO your website will not get found by your potential customer (unless you direct them to it using paid ads, social media, etc.)


Foundational SEO

This is the absolute basics your website needs for Google to know that your website exists and to understand what your site is about. This alone may not be enough to show high on Google. But is essential to begin the process.


Google Business Profile

Previously known as Google My Business (GMB). Best way to evoke trust online. We correctly setup, optimize and manage your GBP profile which is critical to increase your company’s online exposure now and into the future.



Powerful for improving your brand’s search results. It’s a specific mention of your business Name, Address & Phone number on authoritative websites.  Done correctly this increases the authority of your brand in the “eyes” of Google.

Foundational SEO Service

9 Steps. Without this Google will not know that your website exists.

  1. KW research for Home Page
  2. KW research for Service/Shop Page
  3. Create a Gmail/Google Account
  4. Setup Google Analytics
  5. Setup Google Search Console
  6. Verify Site Ownership
  7. Submit Website Sitemap
  8. Setup RankMath Plugin on Website
  9. Configure RankMath

Setting up the Foundational SEO allows you to track what people are doing on your Website. Below is an example of one clients data 60 days after going live. This data is extremely useful for your online efforts and business success long term.

Search Engine Optimization

Benefits to you


Inform Google that your website exists


Help Google understand what your website is about


Help Google understand your website’s structure


Track what people do on your website (GA)


Track how people search & find your website (GSC)


Integrate analytics into backend of website


Keep website data seperate from your normal gmail

Important points about SEO

Commonly asked questions about Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a series of ethical activities done to increase the authority of your website and brand in the ‘eyes’ of Google and other search engines. It includes tasks such as keyword research, content creation, on-page SEO, setting up analytics, citations, and much more. These activities are related too but separate from the task of building your website. i.e. two separate services. 

What's the difference between a website and SEO?

They compliment each other for best long term results. Think of it like a car. You drive a car (website) and need fuel (SEO) to get where you want to go. We offer both SEO (‘Align’) and web design (‘Design’) because we want the best long term outcome for our clients.

What if I do not want seo?

SEO is totally optional i.e. you can own a website without any SEO. Just be aware that no SEO means zero results in the search engines. So you’ll have a pretty website but you’ll miss out on tons of future (free) leads that come via Google search. And trust me, there’s nothing better than consistently having people reach out to you for your services/products. 

When do you perform the SEO activities?

Firstly, how your site is built absolutely matters. Keyword research is done BEFORE the website is built…because the keywords are used to build the structure of the site. On-page SEO is done DURING the process of building the website. Most of the actual SEO activities are done AFTER the site is created and gone live.

What is the 'Foundational SEO' Service?
  • This is a once-off service done immediately after launching a new website. (Keyword research before building).
  • These are basics needed for Google to know that your website exists and understand what your site is about.
  • Without this foundation Google won’t even know your website and brand exists.
how long will it take for my website to appear on Google?

A brand new website won’t show on Google at all for the first 1-3 months. Longer or indefinitely if the Foundational SEO has not been done. The first step is called being indexed by Google. This is 100% up to Google. All we can do is be patient during this time.

Will your 'foundational seo' service make my website show high on google?

No. These are the basic steps every new website needs for Google to know that it exists and to understand what the site is about. 

To show higher on Google you need to build the AUTHROITY of the brand in the ‘eyes’ of Google. So you’d need more advanced SEO activities – this takes time.

How long will it take for my website to show high on google?

It takes time and regular SEO activities to get found on the first page of Google. It also depends heavily on what you’re up against – your competition online matters because to get past them you need to be better than them in the eyes of Google.

If you are in the following niches then it will take longer with more investment to win in the search engines: attorney, insurance, debt review, real estate, etc. simply because these types of companies invest over a long period to get great results. 

For less competitive niches it may take anything from 9 months to 2 years depending on many factors.

Nobody can (ethically) guarantee you first page results. Run away from those that make such a promise.

That being said, we have helped many clients show on the first page of Google…and stay there! See SEO case study below.

For best results you’ll need to be willing to do your part too… Eg: asking your clients to post reviews for your services/products on your Google Business Profile.

How can I get my website higher on Google faster?

We recommend Google Ads to all our clients who want to diplay their brand in front of people on Google quicker (while waiting for the SEO to show results). 

What are Citations?

Citations are strategic listings of your business details on other websites. Think Yellow Pages. The key is accuracy of your business details and volume – many listings i.e. adding your business details to a dozen directories won’t be enough. The purpose of Citations is to increase the authority of your website/brand online which may lead to higher search results. 

I have more questions about SEO...

Shoot me (Zaid) your question and I’ll get back to you with an answer:

YouTube video

SEO Case Study

How a local service business went from being nowhere on Google to being top 3 in under 12 months.

And now gets free high quality leads reaching out to them every single day.


In September 2020 I was moving to another property and searched online for quotes from moving companies in my city. Most of them never got back to me or took days to respond. A friend recommended Eric from Quality Relocations. I contacted him and immediately knew why they came so highly recommended. Eric’s professionalism and communication was miles ahead of the rest. He understands the importance of exceptional service for a small business to do well.

I recalled not seeing Eric’s business anywhere on Google. When he arrived to move my stuff I asked if he’s aware that his brand shows nowhere on Google. To which Eric said “Yes, I’m fully aware and it’s a problem I need to solve. If people search for moving services or moving company I want them to find my company”…

YouTube video
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How an online store went from being lost on Google to being on the 1st page for several keywords in under 6 months.

And now gets free high quality leads reaching out to them and purchasing their products every single day.


In July 2021 the owner of Yoni Steaming SA reached out to me (Zaid – owner of Align Designs) after having several bad experiences with previous service providers. They paid for digital services without getting what was promised. So, to say the least, they were skeptical.

They were speaking to me because…

  1. The free advice I gave them saved them money – before they even started working with me.
  2. They understood the importance of being visible at all times i.e. Marketing.


  • Willing to invest but not sure who to trust to get the job done
  • Not 100% satisfied with their current website design, copy and setup
  • Current website not showing in Google – so missing a ton of sales
  • Non-tech business owner that just wanted the website “stuff” handled

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