Website Redesign & SEO


Company: Yoni Steaming SA
Date: July 2021

  1. Website redesign and
  2. SEO to show high on Google

SEO Ecommerce Case Study

How an online store went from being lost on Google to being on the 1st page for several keywords in under 6 months.

And now gets free high quality leads reaching out to them and purchasing their products every single day.


In July 2021 the owner of Yoni Steaming SA reached out to me (Zaid – owner of Align Designs) after having several bad experiences with previous service providers. They paid for digital services without getting what was promised. So, to say the least, they were skeptical.

They were speaking to me because…

  1. The free advice I gave them saved them money – before they even started working with me.
  2. They understood the importance of being visible at all times i.e. Marketing.

Challenges facing this online store:

  • Willing to invest but not sure who to trust to get the job done
  • Not 100% satisfied with their current website design, copy and setup
  • Current website not showing in Google – so missing a ton of sales
  • Non-tech business owner that just wanted the website “stuff” handled

They were happy with my portfolio and they got excited about what’s to come. As always, I also explained that showing high on Google can never be guaranteed (nobody can give rank guarantees because it’s largely up to Google) but I can certainly help their brand be more visible online.

Two major improvements

1. Website:
We started with a redesign – built a brand new SEO-friendly online store from scratch to better represent their brand. How your website is built absolutely matters for success in Google.

Our web design process ensured that they absolutely love their new website.

2. Search Engine Optimization:
With a brand new website up and running we focused on SEO to help their website & brand show higher on Google (over time). This included…

  • On-page SEO (optimizing every page and product)
  • Other off page SEO (activities done off the website)

It’s understandable that they were a little skeptical of the SEO results because you never know what’s possible with your brand until you start getting results.


A very busy online store. Yes their social media definitely helps but we can see, based on their analytics, that 1000′ of people per month find them via Google search – using the keywords we’ve optimized the website for. They are very happy with both the design and SEO results. It took less than 6 months for their website to show on the 1st page of Google for several keywords.

Consistent buyer leads
Today they get quality leads consistently through organic search. I.e. When people search for their type of products they find their website high up on Google. This is the best type of lead because your potential customer finds your brand at the exact time they are searching for your product!

They don’t have to touch their website or bother with any SEO activity allowing them to focus on operating their 3 physical locations.

Free Leads
Best of all they don’t pay a cent for these leads. The work was done in the first 6 months of launching their new website. The rest is up to Google. Be aware that if your product has a lot of strong competition online then it will take more time and effort to show higher in Google.

How your ecommerce website is created absolutely matters. Once that is done a solid SEO strategy needs to be implemented in order to consistently win in the search engines. This is not instant – it takes time and totally worth it because when done correctly is the best strategy for consistent leads, sales and growth in your business.

Does your small business get free consistent leads online?

If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to improve that. The Question is how?

First, we’d need to determine what (and how) you currently have set up online at this point – your website, Google Business Profile listing, social media, etc. And then work on a plan to determine how we can improve it moving forward.

To get started you are welcome to book a free 15 min online consultation with me to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Yoni Steaming SA Ecommerce Website Portfolio