Website Redesign & Local SEO


Company: Quality Relocations
Date: End 2020

  1. Website redesign and
  2. Local SEO to show high on Google
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SEO Case Study

How a local service business went from being nowhere on Google to being top 3 in under 12 months.

And now gets free high quality leads reaching out to them every single day.


In September 2020 I was moving to another property and searched online for quotes from moving companies in my city. Most of them never got back to me or took days to respond. A friend recommended Eric from Quality Relocations. I contacted him and immediately knew why they came so highly recommended. Eric’s professionalism and communication was miles ahead of the rest. He understands the importance of exceptional service for a small business to do well.

I recalled not seeing Eric’s business anywhere on Google. When he arrived to move my stuff I asked if he’s aware that his brand shows nowhere on Google. To which Eric said “Yes, I’m fully aware and it’s a problem I need to solve. If people search for moving services or moving company I want them to find my company”.

Eric also understands the importance of being visible at all times i.e. Marketing.

Challenges Eric was facing as a small business owner:

  • Willing to invest but not sure who to trust to get the job done.
  • Digital marketing agencies with overly excessive costs for their services
  • Not enough time to figure it all out himself – he built a website but was not happy with it and of course wasn’t showing in Google.
  • He knew he was missing out on a chunk of good business by not solving this asap.

Eric was impressed with the free advice I gave him. I also showed him results I got for previous clients which got him excited about what’s possible for his brand. I also explained that showing high on Google can never be guaranteed (nobody can give ranking guarantees because it’s Google platform) but I can certainly ensure his brand will be way more visible online than what it was before.

Two major improvements to Eric’s brand online.

1. Website:
We started with a brand new fully functional, SEO-friendly website to better represent his brand. How your website is built absolutely matters for success in Google.

Eric loved his new website and how it represented his company. As someone with high standards, he also appreciated how everything worked 100%!

2. Local SEO:
With a proper website up and running we focused on Local SEO – the activities that help your website & brand show higher on Google (over time). This included…

  • On-page SEO (activities on the website)
  • Google My Business optimization and
  • Other off page SEO (activities done off the website).

It’s understandable that at the beginning Eric was a little skeptical about the SEO results his brand could get because you don’t know what’s possible with your brand until you start getting results. But he had faith and was really satisfied with my services to that point.


The best leads you can hope for. Needless to say, Eric is beyond satisfied with the end result. From nothing, it took 9 months for his website and GMB listing to show in the top 3 on Google. He’s even happier about the consistent leads he keeps getting (and closing)!

Consistent buyer leads
Today Eric’s business gets quality leads consistently through organic search. I.e. When people search “moving company” or “moving services” they find Eric’s brand high up on Google. This is the best type of lead because your potential customer finds your brand at the exact time they are searching for your service – doesn’t get better than that.

Hands-free for Eric
Eric doesn’t have to touch his website or bother with any SEO activity allowing him to focus on what matters most – operating his business. The one thing he does which is critical for long term success in Google is ensure that his clients post a review on his GMB listing after the job is complete. They currently have +50 5-star reviews and climbing!

Free Leads
Best of all they don’t pay a cent for these leads. The work was done in the first 6 months of launching their new website. The rest is up to Google.

If the website and SEO is set up correctly there’s not much more to be done (except in the case where you have insane competition on Google but for most local businesses 6 months of SEO is more than enough.)

Does your small business get free consistent leads online?

If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to improve that. The Question is how?

First, we’d need to determine what (and how) you currently have set up online at this point – your website, GMB listing, socials, etc. And then work on a plan to determine how we can improve it moving forward.

To get started you are welcome to book a free 15 min online consultation with me to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

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