Get the best ROI

Social Media Marketing

Implement the 20% activity that creates 80% of the results.

What’s the purpose of Social Media Marketing?

For your business: The purpose of social media is to get people off social media…and onto a platform you own!

What the heck do I mean? Well what do you ultimately want?

Do you want 1000’s of likes OR do you want to convert as many followers as you can into paying customers? If you don’t have a strategy to consistently drive people onto the digital assets you own (i.e. your website or your email list) then social media will be a total waste of your time and money.

You ultimately want social media marketing because you believe it may lead to more customers for your business – correct?

Here’s the challenge with social media…

After someone likes/follows your page the chances of them interacting with your account in the future is slim and none. That’s because…

  • They’ve liked/followed 1000’s of other accounts and are more interested in getting entertained by videos, stories, etc. than your business – harsh but true. Think about it…how many pages have you liked and never seen again?
  • These platforms are designed to give your business as little free exposure as possible – which is fine if you know what you’re doing with paid ads.
  • My point: don’t spend too much resources on something that has poor ROI.

So what are your options?

So you decide to invest time and/or money into social media marketing in order to stay in front of your ideal prospect – which is probably why you are reading this right now 🙂

You have 3 main options when it comes to social media marketing for your business:

  1. Organic – regular (daily) posts, videos, stories, etc.
  2. Paid Ads – paying for ads on the various platforms.
  3. Or you could do both

Which one you choose will be based on your budget and time resources.

How much does social media marketing services cost?

Like most digital marketing services the cost will vary based on many factors such as…

  • Who will be doing it for you?
  • What exactly will they do for you?
  • When/how often will they do it?

To give you an idea:

ORGANIC: For organic activities, a professional agency will charge you anything from R8 000/m to R20 000/m – or more, depending on what they’ll be doing for you. 

This pricing may or may not include paid ads i.e. Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads. Depends on what you’ve agreed upon.

PAID: If you only want paid ads then you could pay anything from R5000/m for the service – plus the actual cost of the ads which is usually directly between you and the ads platform.

What’s the best option?

Obviously the best results would come from doing both organic and paid strategies – you’d need a minimum total budget of R15 000/m – R20 000/m.

On a leaner budget?

If you’re on a leaner budget and want some solid results then I’d recommend a Facebook ads strategy that gets insane results for my clients. I offer it as a service whereby I setup and run a giveaway campaign for you at a reasonable monthly budget.

For more information contact us or give me (Zaid) a call for a free consultation on 062 049 4352