Website Redesign & SEO


Company: Dr Gerrit Viljoen ENT
Date: October 2022

  1. Website redesign and
  2. SEO to show high on Google

SEO For Medical Doctor Case Study

How an ENT Surgeon went from total frustration with his previous service provider to, after working with me, showing up on the 1st page of Google in less than 6 months.

And now gets consistent and targeted patients reaching out to him for his ENT services.


On 14 October 2022 Dr Viljoen sent me an email at 6:21am asking for help. After one email and a phone call, we met the same day at 3pm to discuss his needs. He was very frustrated with the web design company he was dealing with at that point….

  1. They built a single page website (he wanted a complete website)
  2. He didn’t like the design of that page (they didn’t consult with him on the design before going live!)
  3. Worst of all – he could not get hold of them for months.

Poor service and poor end product.

My mission (as always) is to give Dr Viljoen the best possible experience – amazing service and a website to match.

Challenges facing this Doctor:

  • Weak 1 Page website
  • Web page not setup with Google properties (Google Analytics, Google Search console, etc)
  • He setup a Google Business Profile but it wasn’t verified yet (so not showing on Google)

Safe to say he had nothing online at this point.

As always, I explained that showing high on Google can never be guaranteed (nobody can give rank guarantees because it’s largely up to Google) but I can certainly help his practice be more visible online.

Four major improvements

1. Website:
We started with a redesign – built a brand new SEO-friendly Website from scratch to better represent his medical practice.

NB: How your website is built absolutely matters for success in Google.

Went LIVE: Dr Viljoen’s brand new fully functional & complete website went live on 3 November 2022.

2. Foundational SEO:

After going live I completed the Foundational SEO process. This ensures Google knows his website exists and what the website is about.

3. Google Business Profile Listing:

Was quite a challenge to set up for Dr Viljoen because he shares an office space. But he managed to get it sorted. 

4 Actions we took to improve this:

  1. Get his listing verified.
  2. Provide Dr Viljoen with a unique link that his patients can use to post reviews on this listing.
  3. Dr Viljoen (or his team) needs to work on getting past and new patients to post reviews
  4. I optimized this listing to get higher rankings in the Google “map pack” over time.

4. Search Engine Optimization:
With solid foundations in place we focused on SEO activities to help build the authority of Dr Viljoen’s “brand” in the eyes of Google. This is how his website will show higher on Google (over time). This included…

  • On-page SEO (optimizing every page further)
  • Other off page SEO (activities done off the website)

It’s understandable for anyone to be skeptical about SEO results because you don’t see results immediately.


(See Screenshots on this page)

  • Dr Viljoen had 25 unique website visits in the first 4 days after going live.
  • 660 Visitors in the first 4 months
  • 2300 Visitors after the first 9 months
  • Most importantly he’s had over 300 new Patient Forms completed on his website in the past 9 months. 

NB: This traffic is highly targeted based on what I can see in analytics ie: these website visitors are searching on Google for exactly what Dr Vijoen offers in his practice.

[More results will be added here as time goes by.]

Dr Viljoen doesn’t have to touch his website or bother with any SEO activity allowing him to focus on his patients.

How your website is created absolutely matters. Once that is done a solid SEO strategy needs to be implemented in order to consistently win in the search engines. This is not instant – it takes time and totally worth it because when done correctly is the best strategy for consistent growth in your medical practice.

Does your Medical Practice have an effective website to represent you and do well in Google?

If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to improve that. The Question is how?

First, we’d need to determine what (and how) you currently have set up online at this point – your website, Google Business Profile listing, social media, etc. And then work on a plan to determine how we can improve it moving forward.

To get started you are welcome to book a free 15 min online consultation with me to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

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25 Unique Website Visitors 4 Days After Going Live

660 Website Visits 4 Months After Going Live

2300 Website Visits 9 Months After Going Live