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Data from one of our client’s Google Ad campaign after 5 weeks


854 clicks to their website


10 700 people saw the ad on Google


8% Clickthrough Rate (CTR) – This is above average


Only *R2.03 per click

* Please Note: this is not a guarantee of results for your Google Ads campaign. You could pay way more or less depending on several factors.

Google Ads Example

Another client’s Google Ad campaign (Past 30 days)


111 clicks to their website


1670 people saw the ad on Google


*R13.80 per click

* Please Note: this is not a guarantee of results for your Google Ads campaign. You could pay way more or less depending on several factors.

Google Ad Example

about our Google Ad Service

Commonly asked questions. For questions not answered below:

How much does Google Ads cost?

There are 2 main costs to consider when running Google Ads.

1. Our Service Fee: We setup, manage, improve and report on your Google ads.

2. Google Ad Spend: You pay this directly to Google. The amount spent is controlled and totally up to you. All our clients start on R50/day. This allows you to ‘dip your toe’ and is a good start for Google to work it’s Ai magic. Naturaly you would want to increase that amount based on your budget.  

How does your Google Ad service work?

Simple and easy…

  1. We setup, manage and improve your Google Ad/s on a month to month basis.
  2. We charge a set monthly rate for the service (payable before work commences for the month).
  3. Payment for your Google ads is directly between you and Google.
  4. We send you bi-weekly results of your ads performance.
How much ad spend will get the best results?

Notice the 2 examples above – see how vastly different the results can be? It really depends on several factors such as…

  • Your competition i.e. the amount that other companies are bidding for the same keywords will affect the price you pay per click.
  • National or Local targeting – the first example is targeting national (country), the second example is targeting local (city). In this case the local ad has much more competition.
  • The cost per click will determine how many clicks you get per day – based on your daily budget. E.g. If your budget is R100/day and cost per click is R10. You can expect to get an average of 10 clicks per day (10 clicks x R10 = R100)
  • And many more factors.

All of this can only be assessed once we have your ads running.

If done correctly, the more you invest in Google ads the more results you should get. More traffic, more conversions, more leads, more sales.

It’s best practice to start smaller and increase the ad spend while we test, improve, test, improve and repeat the process until we have a great ROI.

Why do I need Google Ads?

One word – INTENT.

When done correctly Google Ads allows you to display your product/service directly in front of people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Do I have control over the Ad spend?

Yes 100%. We set the daily ad spend based on what you want to spend.

E.g. if we set it to R50/day and run it for one month then Google will bill you R1500 (30 days).  It might be less or more than R50 on any given day but it averages out to R50/day. 

What will negatively affect the cost of my Google ads?

Many factors including the following…

  • Your niche & competition – how much they are bidding. 
  • How your Google Ad is setup, maintained & optimized is big factor.
  • How your website is built i.e. the place where you send people after they click on your Google Ad.
    – This is why we offer Google Ads to our SEO and Web Design clients. We’ve already optimized their websites for Google Ads.
    – If you have a poorly optimized website you’ll spend more on Google Ads. 
Will my Google Ad show 24/7?

It depends…

  1. If you’ve spent your ad budget for the day then Google will not display your ad until the next day. 
  2. If you so desire, we can set your ad to only display during certain times and days. E.g. during working hours.
  3. At any given time, there is only so much space on Google for ads. Your ad might not show due to Google’s rotation of other ads.
Can you guarantee results?

Nobody can ethically guarantee results. We recommend starting small for the first couple months to test the results. You can then decide if you want to continue or not. We have very satisfied clients paying for this service.

Is this a fixed contract or month to month?
  • Mont to month
  • No refunds
  • Cancel any time
  • We do request that you inform us at least a week before the next due payment (for the coming month)
Do you have proof of results?
  • We can only provide examples such as the one above.
  • We cannot disclose more granular details because our Google Ad clients do not want this information exposed to their competitors – which makes total sense.
  • All our Google Ad clients started as web design & SEO clients. They then requested our Google Ads service because they trust us.
  • They are all extremely happy with their ROI with our Google Ads Service.
when is Google ads not suitable for my business?
  • If you are spending more on Google ads than the revenue you earn from it then Google Ads may not be suitable for your type of product or service.
  • In the case of really low margin products. 
  • Or in the case where your life time value of a client is really low. 

There are cases where I have clients request Google Ads purely to run targeted traffic to their website. This is especially useful for brand new sites who want to get people “roaming” around on their site (Google sees this activity). 

I have more questions about Google Ads...

Send me (Zaid) your questions and I’ll get back to you with an answer: