Prevent website issues 

Website Maintenance Package

After your website goes live we prefer to stick around and look after your website for you.

This gives you peace of mind knowing your website is fully functional while you focus on your business!


Peace of mind

You never have to worry about viruses, malware, design flaws, etc.



You keep focused on your business. We’ll take care of your website.



Much cheaper than doing a redesign. Plan starts at only R250/month.

What’s included?

Maintenance includes the following 4 steps…

Website Backup
The first backup is done before any maintenance begins. So if the software updates damages your site we have a backup.

Software Updates
We then update the software (themes & plugins) used to create and run your website. These are constantly being updated.

We fix any possible issues which often appear after doing an update.

Website Backup
We do another backup of your website. This ensures we always have the latest version of your website.

Benefits to you


Website remains secure


Latest backup available every month


No sudden design changes/flaws on the site


Way cheaper than needing a rebuild


Total peace of mind

about our Website Maintenance package

Commonly asked questions. For questions not answered below:

Why do I need website maintenance?

This optional service gives many of our clients peace of mind.


  1. By having this service they know their site is less vulnerable to malware, virus attacks, design issues, etc.
  2. And in the event where their website does go down they know we have an up-to-date copy of their website for immediate upload.

Why is this needed though?
The backend software, plugins, themes (which make up the functionality and design of your website) are constantly being improved by the developers of those plugins. An outdated plugin may cause problems in design and functionality of the site.

We need to go in and manually update those plugins on a regular basis – once a month is ideal.

Shouldn't my website just always be 100% all of the time?

Think of it like buying a new car. One thing you should do is service it at regular intervals. You don’t have to service the car. However, if you don’t then wear & tear will cause way more problems. You’ll end up spending more money and time repairing the car later on.

Your website is the same. Except the “wear & tear” is constant updates of the backend software.  It’s cheaper and simpler to maintain it regular.

What if I don't want to maintain the site?

All good. Just note that if you choose not to maintain the site then your website…

  • Will be more vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks 
  • Will not have a current backup in case of emergencies 
  • Will end up with design issues/flaws
  • Will need to be rebuilt from scratch (at your expense) in the case where it goes down due to viruses, malware, etc.
I have more questions about website maintenance

Send me (Zaid) your questions and I’ll get back to you with an answer: