51 Web Hosting Companies in South Africa

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Which website host is best?

We’ve done the web hosting research for you to help you make an informed decision quickly – don’t overthink this too much because…

  • You can easily change hosting companies
  • There are no long term ‘contracts’
  • If you get stuck their support will assist you

Like most, you probably feel confused and overwhelmed by all the web hosting options available.

Most articles online are too technical or they only list the “top 3” hosting providers.

This leaves you even more uncertain!

So I create the ultimate non-tech consumer-friendly list of hosting companies in SA.

List is based on the following criteria…

  • Reviews – most useful way to help you decide
  • Must be a real hosting company – not a reseller of hosting
  • Data Centers located in South Africa – always preferred if your website is catering to the SA market
  • International hosting providers advertising locally but don’t have Data Centers, reviews, or a psychical location in SA

Why no mention of price? 3 Reasons…

  1. Constantly changing – best to check yourself (links provided)
  2. Their pricing is fairly competitive
  3. Never choose hosting based primarily on price – cheapest often comes with constant issues!

What is web hosting? Why do I need it?

  • Web hosting allows you to own a website and professional email.
  • It’s the space you “rent” to have your website and email online 24/7.
  • No hosting = No Professional Website or Emails.

Here’s a more detailed explanation if you want it.

Note: You can also purchase your Domain Name (.co.za) through the hosting company.

What are the different types of web hosting?

There are many types of hosting but the two most commonly used by consumers are Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

No need to overthink this part. Most small – medium sized business websites use WordPress hosting on a Shared Hosting platform.

So let’s get to it…

highest rated – top 4 in SA

Based on Hellopeter reviews, the first 4 hosting companies on this list are the top rated hosting providers in South Africa.

1. HostAfrica

Not to be confused with AfriHost. HostAfrica is our #1 recommendation to all our website clients simply because

  1. Their hosting just works – total peace of mind
  2. #1 Rated on Hellopeter
  3. Their admin area (called cPanel) is super easy to navigate and use – even for a beginner
  4. LiteSpeed feature on their platform – ensures better performance of your website

Visit HostAfrica

Unsure about how to setup hosting? Use this step by step video…

Video: How to setup hosting on HostAfrica quick & easy.

2. Xneelo

Previously named Hetzner. #2 Rated on Hellopeter. Offers amazing customer support and great hosting.
Personally I don’t enjoy their admin area (called KonsoleH) as much as the other hosting companies (cPanel in most cases).

Visit Xneelo

3. 1-grid Hosting

#3 Rated on Hellopeter. Excellent customer service and great hosting platform.

Visit 1-grid Hosting

4. Elitehost

#4 Rated on Hellopeter. Excellent option for hosting.

Visit EliteHost

great web host companies

More high quality web host companies. In no particular order.

5. Domains

Visit Domains

6. InterwebSA

Visit InterwebSA

7. Ivecloud

Visit IVECloud

8. Host King

Visit HostKing

9. Register Domain

Visit Register Domain

10. Absolute Hosting

Visit Absolute Hosting

11. SmartWeb Hosting

Visit SmartWeb

12. Telasera Technologies

Visit Telasera Technologies

13. SA Webhosts

Visit SAWebHosts

14. Truehost Africa

Visit TrueHost Africa

15. Insly Host

Visit InslyHost

16. Onerhosting

Visit OnerHost

17. Vander Host

Visit Vander Host

18. VE Host

Visit VE Host

19. SA Domain Internet

Visit SA Domain Internet

20. Linux Web Hosting

Visit Linux Web Hosting

21. Cloud Hosting

Visit Cloud Hosting

22. Ehost Web Services

Visit Ehost Web Services

23. Stallion Hosting

Visit Stallion Hosting

24. Gravi8 IT

Visit Gravi8 IT

25. DataKeepers

Visit Datakeepers

26. Web4Africa

Visit Web4Africa

27. Web Telecoms

Visit Web Telecoms

28. Frikkadel

Visit Frikkadel

isp Companies

These 8 companies offer a wider range of IT solutions such as fiber.

Do you want to work with a focused hosting-only company or one that offers a range of other services?

29. AfriHost

Visit Afrihost

30. Axxess

Visit Axxess

31. Mweb

Visit MWEB

32. Vox Hosting

Visit VOX Hosting

33. Enetworks

Visit Enetworks

34. Cybersmart

Visit Cybersmart Hosting

35. Imaginet Internet Services

Visit Imaginet

36. ITNT Hosting

Visit ITNT Hosting

Large Telecom Companies

You definitely know these 3 companies. They are not as well known for web hosting services but they do offer it.

37. Vodacom Business Hosting

Visit Vodacom Dedicated Hosting

  • Reviews found are for Vodacom’s entire business.

38. MTN Business Solutions

Visit MTN Hosting

  • Reviews found are for MTN’s entire business

39. Telkom Hosting

Telkom Hosting

  • Reviews found are for Telkom’s entire business

web hosting with no reviews

40. ZA WebHosts

Visit ZA Webhosts

  • No reviews found

41. Cyber Essentials

Visit Cyber Essentials

  • No reviews found

42. Paradigm Solutions

Visit Paradigm Solutions

  • No reviews found

43. Bluesteam

Visit Bluesteam Hosting

  • No reviews found

Web Hosting Not in SA

These international companies advertise locally and have an SA website but are not based here.

You can gladly get hosting anywhere in the world but it’s best practice (for your benefit) to make sure their Data Center is local. Also, you may prefer chatting to local (SA) support.

44. Godaddy

GoDaddy started out years ago selling Domain Names.

Recently launched their services in South Africa.

Visit GoDaddy Hosting

  • No South African reviews
  • No local address
  • No local data center

45. Hostgater Africa

Well known internationally advertises in SA.

According to their Africa website they are no longer taking orders.

Visit HostGater Africa

  • No longer taking orders
  • No local data center
  • No South African reviews

46. A2 Hosting

They have a .co.za website for their hosting.

According to their Data Center Page they don’t have data centers in SA.

Visit A2 Hosting

  • No South African reviews
  • No data centers in SA
  • No local address

47. MilesWeb

They have a page on their website for “hosting in SA” but no data centers.

Visit MilesWeb

  • No South African reviews
  • No data centers in SA
  • No local address

48. Neolo Hosting

Visit Neolo Hosting

  • No South African reviews
  • No data center in SA

49. Openhost

Visit Openhost

  • Based in New Zealand.
  • No data center in SA
  • No South African reviews

50. Prohost

Visit Prohost

  • Address based in UK
  • No data center in SA
  • No South African reviews

51. EliteWeb

Visit EliteWeb

  • No data center in SA
  • No South African reviews

Is that all?

Surprisingly, yes – that’s all the real hosting companies I could find in South Africa.

Most of what you’ll find are resellers – middlemen/women who resell hosting from the top hosting providers (listed above).

Own a Web Hosting Company in SA?

Meet the criteria for this list (see top of post) and let us know so we can add your company.

Still unsure? Based on 7 years doing this business I’d suggest you get hosting from HostAfrica.

My YouTube video shows you exactly how to setup hosting with HostAfrica – quick and easy.

Did this article assist you in some useful way? Let us know in the comments.

If you have questions about hosting, web design, etc. please feel free to comment below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


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